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In accordance with the Charter Law, the Reading Edge Academy Governing Board has been established to assist the Principal in the school’s decision-making process. Interested parents of students attending Reading Edge Academy are eligible to become appointed members of the board. The Governing Board usually meets on the third Tuesday of each month and is open to the public. All minutes and monthly financial reports are available on this website.

When individuals from the community, parents, staff, faculty, or administration reach out to a Governing Board member, they should be directed to follow the established communication chain of command:


Community member –> Principal – Executive Director – Gov. Board


Parent regarding their child –> Child’s Teacher – Principal – Executive Director – Gov. Board


Parent regarding school operations or personnel –> Principal –Executive Director – Gov. Board


Staff/Non Instructional Personnel –> Principal – Executive Director – Gov. Board


Faculty/Instructional Personnel –> Instructional Coach – Principal – Executive Director– Gov. Board


Community/Staff/Faculty/Parent regarding Principal –> Executive Director – Gov. Board

The Principal should have the opportunity to meet with the individual before being brought before the Board, as part of a procedure that promotes effective communication and upholds principles of fairness and collaboration.


The purpose of the Board is not to entertain rumors, hearsay, or public complaints, but rather to maintain a respectful and constructive atmosphere.


If a Board member chooses to respond to the individual, they should copy both the Principal and the Executive Director. This ensures that the established chain of command is followed, involving all relevant parties in the communication.


It is crucial that any concerns expressed to a Board member are not withheld from the chain of command process. Withholding such information undermines the principles of due process and goes against the values upheld by Reading Edge Academy, Inc., particularly those of "grace and dignity."

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